Louisiana Acknowledged for Being Difficult on Medicaid Scams

The Trump Administration acknowledges Louisiana as one of the most difficult states on combating Medicaid scams. Chief of Staff with the Louisiana Department of Health Andrew Tuozzolo states they’re doing whatever they can to avoid, spot, and prosecute scams. Federal authorities evaluated 225 cases of thought scams in Louisiana.

” Of all the cases that they evaluated, we had 100 percent compliance with the law of Medicaid scams, detection, avoidance, and the recommendations,” Tuozzolo stated.

Tuozzolo states they refer 200 to 400 cases to the state Attorney General’s Office every year, which restricts the liability for taxpayers. He states they use advanced software application with pattern matching algorithms to search for possibly deceitful billing practices.

” We have many traps in the system to verify and validate that is a proper claim that must be paid, indicating that once the claim is house maid we’re going to pay the medical professional for that service,” Tuozzolo stated.

Louisiana was among just 4 states to pass this audit since 2014. Legislators have recommended Medicaid scams was one perpetrator of the state’s spending plan issues. Tuozzollo states there’s just around $50 million in deceptive claims each year in a $10 billion program.

” Certainly, we do an excellent job of recuperating when we do find scams, but the scams that are spotted is really little compared with the costs of the program,” Tuozzolo stated.

The feds might not make any suggestions for Louisiana to enhance scams detection.